Innovation is dead – Smartphone manufacturers fooling customers 

By  Nitesh Kunnath

In this tech-savvy generation, we live in, smartphones have become an integral part of our life.  We buy the costliest,  and latest smartphone out there in the market to get ourselves equipped with the technology needs. But have we ever considered the amount we pay for the smartphone is really justified? Just adding some number of cores,  ram, and internal memory makes the phone smarter?

Innovation is dead – Smartphone manufacturers fooling customers


What I feel.

Smartphone manufacturers today are less innovative and more productive in nature. They are just concerned about the number of smartphones they launch in a specific period. Some come up with taglines as ‘Made for humans’. Really?

People never think about what the smartphone is offering or has in store with respect to innovation.  But instead, they compare it with their competitive manufacturers on how better is this phone from that. If a tablet is launched with all the essential specifications and features with good pricing,  one simply terms it as “Is this tablet an iPad killer?”. Why the bullshit is one really concerned about the iPad?. If a company for example launches a tablet with all features and configuration of that of an iPad at a cheaper rate,  would that be something called an Innovation? No, we the people are responsible for such poor products out there in the market for which we pay high.

Innovation should happen. Manufacturers should come up with something new to sell their products, not just by merely adding some more cores, ram, and internal memory or bigger screen size.

Nokia,  the smartphone manufacturing company has something in store for regular Innovation. Have you ever seen a similar-looking or similar feature providing smartphones from Nokia? Apart from very few, the majority of their smartphones differ from each other not only on looks and design factors but with respect to some productive innovative concepts they bring into the phone. Apple too has brought tremendous innovation in the smartphone segment during its 1st and 2nd smartphone series launch. Thereafter Innovation really halted and what we are offered is just some improvement in the processor,  ram, and other silly aspects like a slimmer phone, more room for icons, etc. Is this what we should look for in a smartphone?

The smartphone should serve people’s needs rather than terming phones as smart. If a person needs to send a group picture he taken in his phone to one of his friend standing next to him, the phone which accomplishes the picture sending task with minimal click/steps is actually smarter.

Just ask yourself,  the phone in your hand is actually smart? Does that phone deserve what you have paid for? Ask honestly and I am pretty sure that you will be disappointed with the shit phone you have in your hand. Wait,  do not throw the phone out of curiosity. What you should do is never compare a product with others but compare it with itself. Follow up with the manufacturing companies by giving them the new innovative concepts,  ideas, methods you have in your mind. Remember, a human is always sharper than a human-made device.

Do let me know your views on the same.  I agree I couldn’t explain much on what I actually wanted to convey as writing anything via my tiny smartphone is like another mission.

Nitesh Kunnath

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  1. good concept bro. then what we want to actually look for? we cant do anything to get innovative products from samsung, lg, sony etc. they need to take this in consideration.

  2. FOA, Nice writing. See, people which includes me do not know what innovation is. We compare it with existing products and that’s the only way we can. Price is not just for product cost, we also pay for the brand name so that we can brag (sometimes).
    Coming to innovation part, according to you what is innovation? I am sure you don’t have a precise answer for that. That’s why we all are buying what they produce.


  3. Agree with you, but not completely.
    Why are the cores, RAMs, screen sizes etc. expanding? Simply because they will do the job faster and efficient than it was before. But what in reality is that they are of just show off. For the finest example, take the Samsung Galaxy S4 in this scenario. It’s provided with an octa core processor (Int. ver.) which claims to be faster and efficient than ever (by the Company). But it still lags when opening messages, phone dialer and unlocking the screen (atleast) and a much cheaper device would do much better.

    So, what basically you’re saying is correct. :3

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