Changing mobile IMEI number 

By  Nitesh Kunnath

Changing mobile IMEI number is illegal in my perspective. I wish not to go with legal aspects,  but something unusual I experienced with these chinese manufactured replica phones which are sold globally.

Changing mobile IMEI number

Recently one of my friend bought a cheap Chinese iphone5 replica phone which looks exactly the same as the original iphone5 by Apple Inc. But the phone was operating under the android platform with a decent amount of hardware configuration. The phone was running Android jellybean 4.1 with custom Chinese made ios look like the system default. None would realize it as a replica of the original model at first glance over the look and feel of the phone until someone navigates to certain menu,  UI operations and find the operating system environment like Android.

I was astonished to see the images of this Chinese phone when my friend sent a picture of the device to my WhatsApp messenger profile. Have a look at the same.

iPhone China Clone-Changing mobile IMEI number

The problem starts when you get to know that the device doesn’t operate with your sim card network as the IMEI verification gets failed. When you find this, you wander for help here and there and this is what my friend did. He approached me over WhatsApp explaining me the situation.

Unfortunately, the screenshots are lost due to technical reasons.

This all started off with a troll mode and then i actually asked him about the IMEI error he was speaking about.

Unfortunately, the screenshots are lost due to technical reasons.

He at the same time was checking out google for some help on imei changing procedures and found one to be working.

Unfortunately, the screenshots are lost due to technical reasons.

Now it was his turn to take revenge for my troll prank.

Unfortunately, the screenshots are lost due to technical reasons.

Anyways, changing an imei number of a phone is easy as mentioned by my friend with some tools available on internet is what I got to know from him.

You will need two different tools to change the IMEI number of the phone.

1. mtkdroid tool
2. Adb drivers

IMEI number

If you google for “change IMEI”,  you will definitely get a detailed procedure on doing this task. I find this illegal and thus will refrain to explain how to change the IMEI of a phone.

The question here is not about how to change the IMEI number of the phone, but changing the IMEI number of the phone is legal?  What if terrorists use your IMEI number for illegal activities via such methods available? How can the mobile network system be safeguarded?  What if you have lost your valuable phone and the person obtaining the phone changes the IMEI that easily for which you wouldn’t be able to trace it using the old IMEI details.

We should stand forward on this issue and abandon such Chinese products for user safety and help educate the mass to boycott such Chinese products. Such IMEI change should not be allowed globally.

What is your opinion on the same? Do you agree that Chinese products should either follow global policies with respect to mobile manufacturing and user privacy and safety or stop manufacturing such products?

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